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Meet Our Great Volunteers

We couldn't maintain everything ourselves, we've had pretty amazing people helping us. They donated their precious time and helped us out when we needed it.

So we are grateful to have volunteers helping us out - especially with the IT stuff, but we have space for other volunteers - such as social media, grant writing and fundraising and much more. Contact us if you are interested in volunteering for us!

We are forever grateful. Thank you all!

Interested ? Contact us !

IT related tasks

Michiel Jansen (NL)

Damian Norton (UK)

Social Networking (Intern)

- media, newsletters, blog updates

Irina Enache (RO)

Webpage develop and design

Aarati Raut (NP)

Mahesh Tandukar (NP)

Photography Projects 

Elizabete (PT)

Zurab (GE)

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