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We are currently focusing on 3 projects. 
Our next project location


We have started our activities in Taluwa VDC in the district of Okahldhunga, about 250km East of Kathmandu or around 15-20 hours of driving. This is a remote, economically marginalized area. Many of the subsistence farmers in this region are illiterate. Electricity, television and vehicles are not available.

We want to bring a change !

Compassion For Nepal
Children's Home


All the girls at Compassion for Nepal come from destitute families and would have had quite a different upbringing if Michael hadn't reached out to help. We can help Michael to continue his work by donating full (or Partial) sponsorships. 



Curious to know more ?

Rebuilding Nepal
After the earthquake


After the devastating earthquakes in April and May 2015, we have been busy supporting families. 

Read more about our Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rebuilding efforts in Nepal.




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