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If you are having difficulties finding gifts for your friends or families to celebrate Birthdays, Wedding, Christmas or any other occasions... we have suggestions of gifts which make them feel extra special. 


They are all listed here.. find your favourite!


SUPPORT EDUCATION to Make a Difference !

Support the Foster Home:
Compassion for Nepal

By supporting the children's home, you will contribute to the girls' uniforms, stationery, school bags and any medical expenses. Read more here.

Support Children's Home EUR 50

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Recurring Monthly Donation

Support our projects and programs in Nepal by donating on a monthly basis

Child Sponsorship

By donating to children you do far more than just provide funds, you directly impact a child’s life, forever.

An annual child sponsorship costs EUR 230. Read more here

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Early Childhood Development Staff

By sponsoring a local teacher you ensure the sustainability of our ECD programs which will continue to help thousands of children. It costs EUR 40/month.

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EMPOWER WOMEN to Make a Difference !

Agricultural income generating program for 20 women

By sponsoring agricultural income generation training for our women farmers, you give them a chance to earn money for their families so they will be able to send their children to school and provide for them. This is a powerful gift!

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Literacy Program for 20 women

55% of women above the age of 15 cannot read or write. Give them an opportunity to learn!

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Non-Agricultural income generating program for 20 women

By sponsoring non-agricultural income generation training for our women, you give them a chance to leave the hard life of being a farmer in Nepal while also providing them with skills which can earn money and financial independence.

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School Health Camp for 300 children

At our health camps at school, we give the children a possiblity to get a health check-up which their families would never be able to afford. We also conduct personal health and hygiene sessions to ensure that they will know the importance of this to stay healthy.

Toilet Construction

A bit more than 55% of the population in rural Nepal do not have access to improved sanitation. Help us create a cleaner and safer environment for our communities.

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DONATE to Make a Difference !

Donate Any Amount

To donate an amount of your own choosing:

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